I have complies several talks based on subjects that interest me and which I have collated into presentations. These can be tailored to your needs but normally last for approximately 1hr or so. Great for autumn ans winter nights.


Currently I have the following available:


'The Spanish Armada'

The story of the Spanish Armada, why and how it came to these shores,  the main characters involved and the tragedies which befell many of the Spanish ships including the Girona which foundered at the Giants Causeway. A clear and simple presentation with locations and visuals.


'Saint Patrick in North Antrim'

Beyond the myth and to the person and his rooted connections to north Antrim. A visual presentation of the locations and the stories surrounding his footprints along the north Antrim and County Londonderry coast.


'The Norman Invasion of Ulster'

The story of John de Courcy, his invasion and the legacy he began in Ulster. Accompanied by a visual presentation with stories, facts and locations which echo the times of the Normans in Ulster.


'The MacDonnell's of North Antrim'

A name synonymous  with the north Antrim coast and the power struggle of this area during the 1500s. But who were they, where did they come from and how did they gain control of this part of Ulster. Accompanied by  visuals of locations and stories relating to key periods in the clans history.


'A Visual Journey of North Antrim'

 A photographic journey through my own landscape images with some history, heritage, culture wrapped in facts and folk legends for each location.


'Some Famous Ulster Americans'

I have always been fascinated by the impact people from here have had throughout the world and in particular America. So I have compiled a visual talk around those who have ancestral roots that trace back to County Antrim and some surrounding counties.


'All in the Eye'

Having used a camera for over fifty years and professionally for forty,  I thought it might be good to put my own personal view of photography into a presentation and talk which not only covers commercial but also creative work too. This talk combines my own personal views on many topics and trends in photography with a glimpse into my world and work with clients and artists along with tips that have been learnt the hard way.